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Is it Imaginable to Curve a Bullet? | MythBusters

Is it Imaginable to Curve a Bullet? | MythBusters

On this traditional MythBusters MiniMyth, Kari, Grant and Tori couldn’t curve a bullet with their measly human strength, however what about their high-powered robot arm? Eye what happens when a gun is fired while swinging at stunning-human high-tail. Will the bullet if reality be told curve?

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[Music] Kari grant and Tory have stumbled on that can must you merely mimic the movie wanted won’t Bend bullets must stare on the high-high-tail however I’m pretty certain I hooked that one they’ve even built a lethal fair correct gun slinging robot giving it the precise same sidearm stride as the fantasy [Music] and composed did no longer derive anything else however a straight shooter the bullet didn’t curve so subsequent up they’re raising the bar and ramping up the robot so the wonder of this test is that the characters are stunning human now no longer supernatural I imply they’re now no longer vampires they don’t instruct magic they don’t have telekinetic powers to curve the bullet all it’s miles is superhuman high-tail and strength and that we are in a position to manufacture in abundance we’ve calibrated the rig to twice what an on a typical foundation human can manufacture loading the gun with the are residing round twice as quick we’ll leer how that goes ready all fair correct all fair correct so it’s all ramped up now it’s time to stare blooper bullet that is what all of it comes down to all fair correct are residing round at superhuman high-tail he ready let’s derive it home rush guys it’s three two one Heart shot and the paper stride over again neatly illustrates the route of the projectile to the second frame yeah yes that is a respectable test let’s check the alignment k you leer the laser I leer the laser it’s a straight shot there’s no deviation the least bit superhuman strength and we composed have a straight shot yeah no topic flicking the robotic arm around at superhuman speeds when the bullet leaves the barrel it leaves in a straight line and that leaves this portion of the yarn performed and busted I do know what you’re pondering you’re sitting I’m pondering how the Mythbusters gave up too rapidly oh it’s handiest one shot however stare right here’s the actuality this robots unswerving of swinging its arm harder and sooner than a valuable-league hitter per chance if I saw three quarters of an walk half an walk per chance even a quarter of an walk it may possibly possibly well even be worth continuing on however you perceive what we’re now no longer seeing any deviation at all it’s time to pass on

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