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Model Rocket Battle 2 | Dude Ultimate

Model Rocket Battle 2 | Dude Ultimate

Launching huge model rockets is our original favourite hobby!

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TY: Launching in.3.2.1.Dude Ultimate.CODY (Voiceover): The foundations of this battle are straightforward. Whoever’s rocket travels the absolute top is the winner..Also, there is a 300′ bonus in case you take it!.TY: ‘Kay, it’s time for the 1st rocket start of the day..Here we are, at the blast zone; as you will explore, we admire now got our blast protect,.we admire now got the starting up pad.
Cody is up 1st; it’s miles roam time..CODY: Hiya guys. Uh, or no longer it’s me and the web page traffic cone..Uh, the Traffic Cone has in fact by no methodology viewed flight; and it by no methodology will, ‘reason he’s long past..I’ve upgraded to: the Missile..This time, I learn the instructions.This toddler, she’s soarin’ excessive. Let’s salvage a W toddler whoo!.GO! I gotta roam!.The ‘chute is deployed!.Ooh that is got doable for a 10.That’s got doable for a 10.Oh americans here’s the deal.It fell 10 yards some distance from the edge.I coulda caught it.You guys invent no longer admire any contrivance how mad I’m that this thing appropriate flew in the air.because uh man attain I in fact admire a ancient past of no longer reading the instructions.alright boys let’s head to the launchpad.we got very top news and nasty news.very top news is you had your first ample rocket start.TY: Wicked news: most of our first rockets beat yours..TY: (inaudible) 1,010′.
COBY: Oh, no!.TY: Yeah, you may per chance seemingly no longer admire even won Rocket Battle 1..That’s brutal, that hurts deep.Silver bullet version 1.Silver bullet version 2.Cody hit 1010′.Feelin’ shimmering very top following up that efficiency.She’s a flyer and he or she’s about to hover.ITS ROCKET LAUNCH TIME!!.The silver bullet is launching in.3.2.1.NOOOOOO.We gotta salvage this up.Oh no silver bullet.I’m gonna be appropriate, I invent no longer admire any contrivance how I messed that up.First explain tranquil toddler!.Koby checkin in to the game, you will simply keep in mind the reality that this here rocket nearly killed a cow.and it impressed a song that whereas seemingly no longer enjoyed nonetheless used to be heard by thousands and thousands of americans.On the original time I’d love to introduce you to.the MOOve over rocket.I in fact admire a sense I’m no longer the handiest one who’s shimmering mad that Ty’s rocket appropriate blew up.I point out that used to be appropriate enjoyable to see.Ty in case you dont thoughts to moove over.indisputably like that.If you’re a cow and also you will hear me MOOOOVE outta the manner.Oh my gosh that used to be insane!.The parachute did no longer come out which is kinda disappointing.You tried to take it?.It did no longer deploy.I desired to salvage conclude.I even had been there.It blew it out of the ground discover it irresistible used to be nothing.It blew that out of the ground – Or no longer it’s like 20 pounds.That used to be a really top start, smartly finished.I’ve got some stats for ya guys – Max beat 280 miles per hour.Wow that is snappy.I will insist this, that positively woulda killed a cow.Ty, the height, gimme the rocket height.Koby’s rocket height.845 toes.No manner.Cody Jones, tranquil in first explain appropriate now.We in this – we in this toddler let’s roam!!.what’s up guys cory here, you will simply keep in mind.that my historical rocket nearly killed me.That’s no longer gonna occur today.I’d like to introduce you to Bumblebee 2.0.Right away Cody’s the actual person to beat, nonetheless I judge the Bumblebee is the rocket to attain it.Let’s put the eradicate support in twin – let’s roam!.3.2.1.YEAHHHHHHHH.oh or no longer it’s got a ‘chute, its got a ‘chute.Certain! Bumblebee recovery!.The bee flew to this level.That thing soared!.This would seemingly simply come as a shock to you guys.nonetheless with a height of 2,450’,
CORY: (Occasion).Cory Cotton is in 1st explain!
(Applause).I’m so glad.Satisfied Hilberg, you’ve one shot at glory.I furthermore got a couple of engines.I’m kidding I did no longer attain that.Here is my version 1.Welcome to version 2.Cory put an absolute phenomenal start into the air.nonetheless i got religion in the red hoser.I no lower than won the art work originate award, I point out come on or no longer it’s miles a thing of let’s attain it.3.2.1.Dude or no longer it’s gonna be conclude!.I dunno Gar would per chance seemingly simply admire him on height, i dunno.TY: I – I abominate to will allow you to down, nonetheless we went 0 for five on catches..Right away, we are kinda in limbo..It used to be excessive, like excessive.But yours used to be insanely excessive.In my hand I even admire the final stats.I know who the winner of rocket battle 2 is.TY: With a separation of handiest a number of hundred toes, is….TY: CORY!
(Explosion SFX).I appropriate wanna insist thanks to the couple group cory fans that are accessible.Let’s head to an outro!.What’s up guys thanks for watching.and in case you are no longer already a Dude Ultimate subscriber click on down here so you invent no longer fail to imprint any original videos.If you will like some awesome DP merch, click on appropriate here.If you wanna explore the last video, click on down here.Signin off for now!.Pound it, noggin, explore ya!.

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